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Physical Treatment

From Mr. Tom Ryder(Calgary,Canada)

I had an e-mail from Mr.Tom Ryder.He has been suffering from PET for about 3 years and he began to try a home treatment that has produced relief.He began to notice an improvement of PET symptoms after 2weeks.

Lying down 4 times a day for 15 minutes each with legs raised on stairs or a chair - about 20 inches. Recommend first time when you get up in the morning and last time just before going to bed at night. Within about 2 weeks noticed improvement. Discontinue exercise during this program.

If you are interested in this therapy,
please mail to Mr.Tom Ryder(

Drug Therapy(KAMIKIHI-TO; Jia-Wei-Gui-Pi-Tang)

I do call attention to the possibility of drug(KAMIKIHI-TO) therapy for PET.

The diagnosis of PET is made from its symptoms and abnormal tympanic membrane movement during hyperventilation detected with impedance audiometry.

"Kami-Kihi-To" was administrated to 88 patients, and 66 of whom questioned subjective symptoms, and 24 of whom were evaluated objectively by impedance audiometry.

Complete relief was achieved in 36 patients (54.5%) treated with "Kami-Kihi-To", and 14 patients(21.2%) obtained partial relief. There was objective evidence of complete improvement of tympanic membrane movement in eight patients(33.3%), and partial improvement in nine(37.5%). Side effect were noted in three patients(4.5%).

Local Therapy to Patulous Eustachian Tube

Bezold method (Bezold,1908)
Narrow the lume of the Eustachian Tube by salicylic accid/bolic accid insufflation

Narrow the lumen ofthe Eustachian Tube by extrinsic compression
Paraffin injection (Zollner,1937), Teflon injection (Pulec,1967),Gelatine sponge injection (Ogawa,1976)

Alter the function of palatal muscles (Misurya,1974)
Pterygoid hamulotomy (Virtanen,1982),Occlusion of the bony Eustachian Tube with a tympanotomy(Bluestone,1981)

Myryngotomy and insertion of a ventilating tube (Suehs,1960)
Temporary relief

Diathermy (Robinson,1989)
Using a ureteric Diathermy probe

Nasal Drop Irritant(DiBartolomeo,1992)
Using a nasal medication containing diluted hydrochloric acid,chlorobutanol and benzyl alcohol
This medicine will be sold as "Patul-end" from Ear Foundation Santa Barbara,CA
Contact: Dr. Joseph DiBartolomeo
Phone: (805) 563-1111
Fax: (805) 563-2277

Thank you Mr Tom Ryder(Calgary,Canada)

for the information of the physical treatment

Shigeru Ishikawa (