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What is Jia-Wei-Gui-Pi-Tang?

Jia-Wei-Gui-Pi-Tang is a traditional Chinese medicine which was first described in "Nei-Ke-Zhai-Yao" in China (1529 A.D.) It has been used to treat insomnia, anemia, amnesia, palpitation, and neurosis brought on by physical and mental overwork.


Picture Book of Jia-Wei-Gui-Pi-Tang


How to boil Jia-Wei-Gui-Pi-Tang?
How to take Jia-Wei-Gui-Pi-Tang?


Use an earthen pot and water for drink


One Day Amount


Take 2 or 3 times a day

These pot figures are provided by Kusuri-Nihondo with permission.Thanks!


Pharmacy Information from Japan

Go-taro Mimaki: General Manager of
Mimaki Family Pharmacy Hirakata, Japan

Jia-Wei-Gui-Pi-Tang(Kanebo,Tsumura,Taiko-do) can be obtained from:

Higashi-Nakaburi 2-11-12
Hirakata City Osaka Pref. 573

Fax: (81)0720-35-1122

For ordering Jia-Wei-Gui-Pi-Tang,
e-mail to Go-taro Mimaki


Pharmacy Information from US
Blue Light, Inc.

Jia-Wei-Gui-Pi-Tang can be obtained in US from:

Blue Light, Inc.
111 S. Cayuga Street
Ithaca, NY 14850 USA

(607) 275-9700, phone
(607) 275-9704, fax

Dr.Ann Wang at Blue Light supplys the special JWGPT containing the same formula of Kanazawa Municipal Hospital. The item number is J020. Thank you Dr.Ann Wang!!


Pharmacy Information from Germany

I had a mail from Mr.Rüdiger Hach in Germany. He noted PET specialist in Germany,
and found JWGPT in Andorra.

PET specialist in Germany

Prof. Dr. G. Münker

Unfortunately,Dr. G. Münker died on 28 May by an accident.

PD Dr. R. Leuwer
Universit‰˜skrankenhaus Eppendorf (UKE)/Hamburg

Pharmacy shop in Andorra

The herbal shop in Andorra sells JWGPT as a concentrate.
Take about 2 g of the concentrate as a tea style three times a day.

Harmonia I Naturalesa SL
BP 117
Post Francaise
Andorra La Vella
Principal d'Andorra

Phone: 0180 525 46 29
Fax: 0180 525 43 82

If you want more information, please e-mail Mr. Hach

Rüdiger Hach
Batzenbergstr. 3A
79227 Schallstadt Germany

Administration Information
(Precautions of Jia-Wei-Gui-Pi-Tang)

1. General precautions

(a) Since glycyrrhiza is contained, serum potassium levels and blood pressure should be carefully monitored. If any abnormality is observed, discontinue the drug.

(b) When this drug is used concomitantly with other Herbal medicine, caution should be observed against interactions of duplicating raw herbs. Special care should be exercised when this drug is coadministered with any Herbal medicine containing glycyrrhiza.

2. Careful administration

This drug should be administered with caution in the patients with anorexia, nausea or vomiting (for it may aggravate the symptoms).

3. Drug interactions

Coadministration precautions: preparations containing glycyrrhizic acid or its salt (pseudoaldosteronism may become liable to occur or myopathy may become liable to occur as a result of hypokalemia.)

4. Adverse drug reactions

(a) Clinically significant adverse reactions

(i) Pseudoaldosteronism

Symptoms of pseudoaldosteronism, such as hypokalemia, a rise in blood pressure, sodium and body fluid retention, edema, weight gains, may occur. Serum potassium levels should be carefully monitored, and if any abnormality is observed, discontinue the drug.

(ii) Myopathy

Myopathy may occur as a result of hypokalemia. The patient should be carefully observed, and if abnormalities, such as weakness, convulsions of the extremities, and paralysis, occur, discontinue the drug.

(b) Other adverse reactions

(i) Hypersensitivity

Symptoms of hypersensitivity, such as eruption and urticaria, may occur. If any such symptom occurs, discontinue the drug.

(ii) Gastrointestinal

Anorexia, gastric discomfort, nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea or other gastrointestinal upsets may occur.

5. Usage in elderly

Physical function is generally diminished in the elderly. Caution should be observed as by reducing dosage when this drug is used in elderly patients.

6. Usage in pregnancy

The safety of the drug (preparation containing Moutan Cortex) in women who are or may become pregnant has not been established. Since Moutan Cortex, a constituent raw herb of this drug, may give rise to premature delivery or miscarriage, use in women who are pregnant or at risk of pregnancy is discouraged, or caution should be observed when it is used in women who are pregnant or at risk of pregnancy.

7. Effects on laboratory data

Blood AG (1.5-anhydro-D-glucitol) levels may rise after the administration of this drug.

8. Others

Eczema, dermatitis or other skin disorders may occur.

9. This drug should be kept in a dry, cool place, protected from direct sunlight.


Drug Comparison of Jia-We-Gui-Pi-Tang

The extract products of Jia-Wei-Gui-Pi-Tang are provided by Kanebo Co., Ltd (Tokyo Japan),Tumura Co.,Ltd and other companieis in Japan.

The drug is a spray-dried powder of a hot-water extract prepared (with 10 parts of water at 95-100 degree C for 1 hr,yield: about 19%) from a mixture of the fourteen constituent herbs:

Jia-Wei-Gui-Pi-Tang (Kanebo, Tumura,Taiko-do)

7.5g of this product contains 5600mg (Kanebo), 5000mg (Tumura), 5180mg (Taiko-do) of dried extract obtained from mixed raw herbs in the following ratio:

Kanebo Tumura Taiko-do
Astragalus Root2.0g3.0g3.0g
Bupleurum Root3.0g3.0g3.0g
Atractylodes Rhizome3.0g-3.0g
Atractylodes Lancea Rhizome-3.0g-
Ginseng Root3.0g3.0g3.0g
Polygala Root1.5g2.0g1.5g
Gardenia Fruit2.0g2.0g2.0g
Jujube Fruit1.5g2.0g2.0g
Angelica Root2.0g2.0g2.0g
Glycyrrhiza Root1.0g1.0g1.0g
Ginger Rhizome0.5g1.0g0.5g
Saussurea Root1.0g1.0g1.0g
Zizyphus Seed3.0g3.0g3.0g
Longan Fruit3.0g3.0g3.0g
Moutan Bark--2.0g

Thank you

Dr. Tim Moss,Bristol,UK

for sharing the information about Jia-Wei-Gui-Pi-Tang in UK

Thank you

Kanebo Pharmacotheurapetics Co. Ltd. Japan
Tumura Co. Ltd. Japan

for sharing the information about Jia-Wei-Gui-Pi-Tang

Thank you

Gotaro Mimaki
Manager of Mimaki Family Pharmacy, Japan

for sharing the information about Jia-Wei-Gui-Pi-Tang in Japan

Thank you

Mr.Rüdiger Hach, Germany

for sharing the information about Jia-Wei-Gui-Pi-Tang in Andorra
and about PET specialist doctor in Germany

Shigeru Ishikawa(